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Freshman & Sophmore Lane

Growth and Development
Around or about 2 years of age, your child will grow and develop at a tremendous capacity.  They will exhibit an increased ability to learn new concepts and skills.  Their verbal language skills will multiply at an accelerating rate.  They usually respond well to critical thinking activities and experience such delight in accomplishing tasks successfully.  Therefore, W.I.S.E. Academy has a curriculum that will enhance and develop their learning opportunities in the following areas:  social, emotional, physical and cognitive.  All children learn and grow at their own pace.  

The ability to verbally communicate along with independence and exploration is very important.  In a nurturing, loving and secure environment, your child will be able to acquire these necessary skills.  These skills will prepare them for their preschool years, while having fun learning. 

The Freshman & Sophmore Classrooms uses Frog Street Curriculum along with a variety of supplemental materials.  The curriculum includes, but is not limited to:

  • Recognition of Shapes
  • Recognition of Numbers
  • Recognition of Colors
  • Recognition of the Alphabet
  • Beginning Phonetic Sounds
  • Nursery Rhymes

The Classroom Instructors will incorporate activities from this curriculum that

  • Uses early brain development research as the framework for instruction.   
  • Offers strong daily routines that develop key social and emotional skills
  • These daily activities are planned to promote your child’s understanding of the world around them and how they fit within it. 
  • Balances intentional instruction with child-directed play.
  • Valuesindividual differences
  • Provides comprehensive, integrated, thematic activities in all domains
  • Encourages instructor and child interactions to develop rich oral language and vocabulary as well as strong social and emotional connections.
  • Provides materials and strategies for maintaining healthy parent partnerships.
  • Offers professional development within weekly activities and through relevant classroom scenarios.
  • Embraces the joy of learning each day!©FrogStreet


Conscious Discipline

According to the authors of Frog Street, Conscious Discipline is a comprehensive classroom management and social-emotional program that creates a learning environment where children feel safe and loved.We also incoropate Re-Directing as a form of discipline to allow the child learn the safe way of doing things.

"Self regulation is the key to school readiness and more powerful than IQ as a predictor of academic achievement." -Becky Bailey, Ph.D.

Junior & Senior Avenue

Between the ages of 4 to 5 years old, children learn some pretty important things.  The appropriate learning environment is a big adventure.  W.I.S.E. Academy offers a well-balanced program that focuses on the developmental characteristics of a preschooler.  We try to provide the proper environment that will produce the type of learning that would be pleasing to you, as a parent.  The activities that are provided will allow your child to participate and learn at challenging levels.  We try to establish a connection between home experiences and our educational program.  We encourage parents to assist their children with homework, and communicate with teachers for the benefit of your child.  We also encourage good work habits and self esteem.  Our curriculum provides your child with activities to focus on physical, emotional, social and academic growth.  W.I.S.E. Academy is committed to meeting the needs of each individual child.  Meanwhile we do maintain realistic goals for each child to accomplish.  A multicultural and anti-biased approach is incorporated on a daily basis to build each child’s self esteem.©FrogStreet


Our Preschoolers are provided with lessons from D.I.G. (Develop, Inspire, and Grow) that are prepared by the Classroom Instructors on a daily basis. Children learn by playing and doing. By combining developmentally appopriate instruction with opportunities to engage in explorative play, D.I.G. (Develop, Inspire, and Grow) offers a balanced path to kindergarten readiness.

The curriculum features:

  • Social and Emotional Deveploment
  • Oral Language Development
  • Phonological and Phonemic awareness
  • Concepts of print
  • Alphabet knowledge
  • Emergent reading and writing
  • Mathematics
  • Science and Health
  • Social Studies
  • Creative Arts
  • Technology
  • Physical Development
  • Congnitive Development
  • Approarches to learning 
  • Family participation in their child's learning

Benchmark Assessment

Formal assessment are giving at the beginning, middle, and end of the year. The assessments provides the instructors with  an important measure of the children's growth in language and literacy skills as well as many other congnitive and physical areas of development.©FrogStreet


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